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Ever since Dale was 12 years old, he has had a bow in his hand.  His first bow was a Fred Bear Recurve, and he shot it all the time, just like Bobby and Ryan did in ARCHERS.  Throughout Dale’s teenage years, his passion for hunting intensified, and he spent a lot of his time shooting and hunting with his bow.

When Dale was a brick mason, in his early 20’s, a simple target idea sprang him to the next level of archery.   His archery target design was a home run, which, spun his new company, Morrell Manufacturing, Inc. Morrell Targets quickly became a leading brand name in the Archery Industry.

After 30 years of providing outstanding customer service and top quality archery targets, Morrell Manufacturing, Inc., is the largest target company in the world with over 10 million targets sold!  Dale now has a different passion, youth outdoor education. He has taken this passion for the outdoors and created a program where youth will have access to location, equipment and curriculum in all areas of the outdoor world.  This program is called Youth Outdoor Education Network (yoenetwork.org).